Design Sprints are a method to test the biggest, boldest, and often unknown business challenges fast

Many of Australia’s top businesses are able to capitalise on trends with their speed to market driven by an internal culture of collaboration and experimentation. What takes many organisations months, we can promise within days. With our Design Sprint program you will revolutionise the way your team answers critical business questions, jump-starts projects, and defines marketing and growth strategies.

More Space For Light - Design Sprints

Our Design Sprints work for you

We’ve run Design Sprints for product and service innovation as well as system and broader business processes, for medium to enterprise-level organisations. We are also advocates of remote Design Sprints. This has been a big enabler for many organisations that have either national and globally distributed teams.

We are also mindful that many people can’t block out their diary for a week, or if you are a startup you may not have the resources. Therefore our Design Sprint programs come in different forms and are built to suit. When planning the program the timeline and hands-on commitment requirements are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. If you are unsure of the value of the Design Sprint program and/or what it even entails learn more here.

With the guidance of our Design Sprint Facilitator, we’ll work with your team to identify the long-term goal, potential blockers as well as how it impacts the company and your people. These insights will enable us to rapidly prototype to gain insights on how to plan the next steps. Examples of how you put insights into action after a Design Sprint include:

  • An Iteration Sprint for further refinement and testing.
  • Incorporate into your business proposition for further funding.
  • MVP production using Lean Systems Thinking.
  • Plug into Agile Development Production for User Story prioritisation.
More Space For Light - Design Sprints


Raj Elakkara
Product Manager, Healthdirect Australia

We brought More Space For Light in to help us facilitate a Design Sprint at HealthDirect. I was impressed with how well the team were able to grasp the problem we were trying to solve and guide an opinionated team that was quite new to Design Sprints toward a useful outcome.

Try before you commit.

Still need help convincing your team?

If so, we can run a 90 min Design Sprint Experience session for you, whether in person or remote. This session will demonstrate the methods and tools of the Design Sprint program so you can see how it brings teams together to foster collaboration, creativity, and action.

Contact us today, to learn how we can transform the way you work!

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