Our mission is to help organisations embed a culture of innovation, so they can embrace new opportunities, foster collaboration, and reduce risk, to better serve their audience.

More Space For Light specialises in Design Thinking. We have developed innovation programs to help organisations bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Our superpowers are insights, strategy, and user experience. We work with organisations in the finance and banking, education, and manufacturing sectors.

We are also the global APAC partner of the Design Sprint Academy. Working with the Design Sprint Academy we deliver facilitation, training and learning programs.



We seek to understand the context of your environment. Both internal company factors, as well as external factors to determine where you sit within the marketplace and where you are striving to be. 

  • Workshop facilitation
  • User Research
  • Analytics and insights


Together we create a strategic framework, with actions set to outcomes based around your key value drivers, immediate to long term that will give you an edge. 

  • Digital strategy
  • Design Sprints
  • Innovation Accelerator Program

User Experience

Our goal is to lead you in placing your users and their requirements at the centre of the products and services we design. 

  • Consultation
  • Service design
  • Prototyping
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More Space For Light specialises in corporate innovation and strategy.
Our mission is to help organisations achieve great outcomes to better serve their audience.

We are Design Sprint Academy's APAC global partner.

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