Future Of Now

The Future Of Now is a fortnightly series that features Technologists, Innovators, Futurists, & Corporate Rebels from across the globe. These are the people that are shaping the way we work in how we connect with our internal and external stakeholders and customers. Our goal with this series is to share, inspire, and explore new ways of working and opportunities for growth.


Design x Foresight: Embracing ambiguity and future thinking

Phil Balagtas, Experience Design Director, McKinsey & Company

December 17th@11am (AEDT) / 16th @4pm (PST)

Phil will share the frameworks used by McKinsey’s Futures Team to understand opportunities and challenges for strategic foresight.



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MVPs and Lean Inception
December 3rd, 8pm (AEDT)/ 10am (CET)
Paulo Caroli, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Paulo will share tools and concepts from his book ‘Lean Inception’ as we explore the concepts of Lean Startup, Lean Inception and MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
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