Co-Design Sprint

Our Co-Design Sprint is built for organisations & Startups that see the value of the process but lack resources & time.

For these scenarios, we have re-engineered the Design Sprint so our Product Team can take the onus off of you without any compromise on the outcome. The timeline and hands-on commitment requirements are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

More Space For Light - Co-Design Sprint

We only ask that you are involved in the Problem Framing, initial Ideation and Alignment phases. Whether this is conducted remotely or preferably in person. From here our Product Team take design concepts to conduct an intense rapid prototype and testing program. We present these insights back to your team to help guide you on the next steps.

Learn how we can provide you the extra resources to Sprint?

Share your biggest challenge so we have a good starting point for a conversation. We can then discuss in more detail how we can coordinate the Design Sprint program to suit the needs of your organisation to get to great outcomes.

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