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More Space programs spark innovation from within your organisation, develop transformational strategies that buffer you from digital disruption, and help you deliver exceptional customer service.

More Space For Light - Services - Design Sprints

Design Sprints

The Design Sprint program pushes a team to adopt the principles of Design Thinking for rapid ideation and creation to build, test and validate a new or existing product, service or feature. 

More Space For Light - Services - Workshop

Workshop Programs

Creative solutions are achieved using, ideation co-creation workshops, innovation workshops and Design Thinking programs. The workshop sessions we conduct vary depending on the complexity of the project and are custom built to deliver on the required outcomes.

More Space For Light - Services - CXUX

Customer / User Experience

The experience of your customers and users is critical to the success of your strategy. Products and services are built to achieve business objectives without compromising the needs of your audience using human-centered design, rapid prototyping, research and analysis.

More Space For Light - Services - Strategy

Strategy / consultation

Consultation is intended to complement your strategic capabilities, whether for new product development, repositioning an existing service due to changes in customer behaviour, or meeting a digital transformation challenge.

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