Training to help your people become better problem-solvers and collaborators

From an Innovation Team to a culture of Innovators. Master the methods and tools of design thinking and human-centered design.

We’ve inspired, coached and facilitated new ways of working at

Programs we deliver

Supercharge your in-house capabilities for solving problems, exploring ideas, breaking assumptions, and uncovering opportunities. Our approach is less theoretical and more practical. 

  • Design Thinking Fundamentals you’ll be taken through the basics, the mindsets, and how to apply the framework to stimulate critical and creative thinking for collaborative problem solving.
  • Problem Framing Training to learn how to frame the right problem by identifying and focusing on the relevant aspects. As a result you’ll be better equipped to engage your team towards a common purpose, and gain the confidence and buy-in of your stakeholders.
  • Design Sprint Training where your team will learn the same proven, structured framework that is endorsed by Google and used by some of the biggest companies globally such as Microsoft, Uber, Lego, Facebook and even Nasa!
  • Innovate By Design to learn the best methods to understand your stakeholder and customer challenges. To allow you to ideate and create solutions. So you can build the capability for critical and creative thinking up and down your organisation.
  • Facilitation Masterclass so you can supercharge your culture

As part of our ongoing engagements, we  support our innovation advisory, coaching, and Facilitation Masterclass with regular Design Gyms. This allows people to master the More Space Methods of human-centered design in a low-stakes but highly focused environment.

Our training programs are suitable for

  • Executives/Founders/Product Owners/ Researchers
    You want to learn a practical method to understand your customers.
  • UX Designers/Marketers/Engineers – all levels
    You are looking for an actionable and a repeatable design process to speed up product development.
  • Team Leads/Managers/People and Culture
    Embed critical and creative thinking into your culture. Supercharge people’s facilitation techniques for sprints, workshops, and meetings.

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Book in a free 30 min no obligation chat. Whether this is in relation to kicking off a new project, helping your team create and implement an innovation process, or building capabilities in your team, we’d love to hear from you.

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