More Space For Light is our mantra and shared by our partners

Our team, clients and partners invest in this philosophy and like us strive to seek clarity of purpose. We work together to inspire, ideate and implement strategies and experiences that fulfil this promise.

Why More Space

Our superpower is our ability to quickly guide teams from problem definition to solution within a safe, collaborative and fun environment. We lead with empathy to learn, provide a guiding “light” to inspire, and the “space” for teams to explore.

Our principles guide us

Ultimately we strive to ensure the happiness and well-being of our team, without compromising the best for our clients. This makes the members of More Space and extended team feel at home and work as a family. We want to make from what we do a passion, not a duty. Our principles are embodied and further extended by our team, clients, and partners:

  • Curiousitywe are aware that despite our experience, there is always something new to learn. That is why we don’t settle for the obvious. 
  • Intent – we pride ourselves on being creatives that are able to lead with strategy. Accountability, outcomes and results are critical to our thinking.
  • Passionwe are the ‘light’. Our energy is the superpower that we use to channel collaboration, creativity and foster innovation.
  • Virtue – we believe a relationship is built on trust, transparency and commitment. We do the ‘right thing’, even if this means that we don’t benefit from the outcome.
The people we work with - More Space For Light

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