More Space – is more than a name, it is our mantra

Dan Levy is our Principal and Founder. He brings global, senior level experience in customer experience, strategy, and creative technology services. More Space is an embodiment of the work he does, helping organisations embed a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and creative confidence. 

One night during the bedtime routine, his son stunned him saying, “I want more space for light.” Dan wanted that, too. The permission to play, dream and reimagine what’s possible. This vision remains unchanged. It’s the soul of More Space and our mantra.

This mantra is shared by our partners and the people we work with. As we continue to inspire, coach and facilitate new ways of working so that organisations can innovate faster and smarter to have the confidence to overcome the challenges of today, and identify the opportunities of tomorrow.

Our Guiding Principles

Create the ideal conditions for revolutionary thinking.

It’s not enough to gather the best minds. We help teams imagine a bold, courageous future through uncertainty by introducing a fresh set of tools, new ways of working and victory conditions.

Let the experts be the experts.

Your greatest assets are already in place. Our workshops and frameworks provide the inspiration (and the structure) to engage the experts, align the team and launch them toward greatness.

Forge innovation pathways for long-term team success.

Our methods can be used and iterated upon internally, scaling throughout the entire organisation—to challenge what’s possible, as each project success inspires the next great idea.

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