Company announcement – COVID-19

Our mission statement of helping organisations embrace a future focus is now more relevant than ever. Like many of you, we have been decisive in taking a stance on how we wish to continue to operate in the current climate.

CODVID-19 company announcement

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have switched to 100% remote operations. This means until further notice all workshops, meetings and other engagements will be conducted using our remote toolset. Our role as a catalyst for momentum, courage and change hasn’t changed. Except now we are having to apply this magic to the way we operate to keep the beat, and quite honestly to help ourselves and others to survive.

Facilitating remote

We know many organisations are having to have difficult conversations amongst senior stakeholders. Many organisations aren’t equipped to make decisions at speed as they are forced to work in a new way often carrying the baggage of legacy process. This is prohibiting finding focus, clarity and alignment. 

Our offering is more relevant than ever. We are helping organisations by facilitating these difficult conversations. By using the framework of Design Thinking stakeholders are able to break down transformation into tangible steps. While staying true to their strategic intent. We are a recognised playmaker of MURAL the online collaboration tool for our remote workshop capabilities.

Our promise

We make this promise, we will be presentable on camera, we will hide dirty laundry from the background, we won’t get frustrated when our kids jump in on a meeting! Importantly, we will continue to have the same spark and passion that has enabled us to connect with teams to achieve great outcomes by fostering collaboration, embracing new ways of working, and  identifying opportunities to help you better connect with your customers and stakeholders.

If you are a bit stuck and need some advice on good practices on remote operations please get in touch at We want to be of the best service we possibly can be to help our community minimise disruption and continue to thrive.

Above all else, stay well in mind and health, be positive, and look after each other. Now more than ever do we need human connection, even if it is an emoji :D.


More Space for Light is an Innovation and Strategy Consultancy. Our design-led approach to solving business problems helps leaders and teams overcome constraints related to product, service, or process. So you can quickly identify risks, gain alignment and focus for action. Our goal is to empower your teams to do their best work and set the prerequisites for success.

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