Design Sprint – to solve big problems and test new ideas

What takes many organisations months, we can promise within days. With our Design Sprint program you will revolutionise the way your team answers critical business questions, jump-starts projects, and defines marketing and growth strategies.

More Space For Light - Design Sprint 3.0

We start by Problem Framing. The objective of this session is to bring stakeholders together to clearly define the product or service challenge/s, gain alignment, then set expectations. It serves to ensure all of the elements are in place for a successful Design Sprint. We will support your team in the lead up to the Design Sprint to make sure you are Sprint Ready.

From here you will deep-dive via an intense 4-day Design Sprint (further reading). This will result in a working prototype that will be tested with your target audience on the final day of the program. The results of testing are presented back to the Stakeholder Group with recommendations to inform the next stages of implementation.

A Design Sprint in action

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