We believe in learning by doing

More Space corporate training programs help professionals master the tools and techniques of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. Our programs are built on the More Space Method which demonstrates the teaching strategies and methods that have resulted in success for our clients.

What you’ll gain from our training

Our approach is less theoretical and more practical.

You’ll learn the same proven, structured framework that is endorsed by Google and used by some of the biggest companies globally such as Microsoft, Uber, Lego, Facebook and even Nasa!

Your team will be able to improve their facilitation techniques and apply the learnings to Design Sprints, workshops and meetings. Training programs are suitable for:

  • Executives/Founders/Product Owners/ Researchers
    You want to learn a practical method to understand your customers.
  • UX Designers/Marketers/Engineers – all levels
    You are looking for an actionable and a repeatable design process to speed up product development.
  • Team Leads/Managers/Sprint Pros/Teachers
    Improve your facilitation techniques for sprints, workshops, and meetings.

More Space Corporate Training Programs

More Space For Light - Training

Problem Framing Training

The training is a 1-day program. You will learn how to frame the right problem to help your team take all the steps in the right direction and learn how to address relevant aspects of a problem, engage your team towards a common purpose, and gain the confidence that you are tackling a problem worth solving.

This program will help you gain the confidence you need to ensure you have successfully setup a Design Sprint. It also is suitable for any application from business strategy to product or service strategy.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Learn how to address relevant aspects of a problem.
  • Identify and capture stakeholders perspectives and assumptions.
  • Make sense of the customer needs, perceptions and expectations.
  • Engage your team towards a common purpose.
More Space For Light - Training, Problem Framing Training

Design Sprint Training

The training program is fast-paced, energetic, and immersive. We’ll move from an initial product idea to a hi-fidelity prototype we’ll use to test on live customers. In two intensive days, you’ll learn and practice different ideation techniques and the best methods to empathise with your customers, like Lightning Demos, Sketching, User Story Mapping, Prototyping and Customer Interviews.  

What you can expect to learn:

  • The tools needed to understand and empathise with your user.
  • How to build a Customer Journey Map.
  • Methods for ideation and solution sketching.
  • Learn how to storyboard as a group.
  • Experience prototyping best practices.
  • How to make sense of customer testing insights.
More Space For Light - Training, Design Sprint 3 Training

Corporate Bootcamp Package

Your team will learn all they need to know about running Design Sprints to become experts. It is run over 3 days and includes both of our Problem Framing and Design Sprint training programs.

More Space For Light - Workshops

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