Vision and strategy

We specialise in helping organisations create a future vision for their business; advising where to play, but also where not to play, in plain business-speak. This can be in relation to a new opportunity, or a specific product or service experience. Our expertise includes; innovation strategy, product and service strategy, rapid prototyping and user testing, the design of performance measurement frameworks.

Vision and strategy

The biggest risk is not getting started!

Many organisations are settled into the routine of business as usual. The leap to tackle new and innovative opportunities in the marketplace is often viewed as a risk that could potentially disrupt a ‘safe’ and ‘steady’ business operation. We believe the biggest risk is not getting started!

As opposed to more linear approaches to strategy, based on bottom-line metrics of doing the same old faster, bigger, cheaper! We have a bias towards action. Our goal is to bring together stakeholders from across the business to gain a deeper understanding of your winning aspiration. This results in identifying possibilities that will allow your business to tackle new and innovative market opportunities. As well as supercharge existing activities.

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We have a bias for action

Through a collaborative process, we work with you to identify risk, both opportunities and threats. We do this by using the principles of Lean Systems Thinking to quickly bring strategy to life and break transformation into manageable steps. This is achieved through a process of rapid prototyping and testing to tackle assumptions and the unknowns.

Our process helps you to answer and align on critical questions such as; your overall goal; the definition of ‘good’; relevant customer segments; required capabilities and systems to deliver. This will help you gain focus, stakeholder alignment, and a clear plan of action. We then ensure there is accountability beyond the strategy process by supporting your team to allow you to hit milestones and deliver on outcomes.

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Madeline Richardson
Group Exec. Director, Depart. of State Development SA

More Space For Light worked with us on a state-based project with a high-level of public sensitivity. The team assisted with our digital strategy and the management of existing service providers. Their expertise helped us successfully deliver on milestones and critical project objectives, with strong relationship development and flexibility.

Out of the red and into the blue

Let us help you create your future-vision to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Whether ongoing or project-specific, get in touch to discuss how we can partner. 

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