The experience of your customers and users is critical to the success of your organisation

What we define as great UX practice is learning, observing, ideating, iterating and testing. This approach conforms to the principles of Design Thinking.

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People ignore design that ignores people

We don’t just help our clients figure out how to connect the dots, we then help them make everything just work. The More Space Product Team do this through a Definition process that includes; data analysis, stakeholder engagement, user research, rapid prototyping, Human-Centered Design.

A result of our process will enable you to learn your customer’s pains of today, but also flag future trends. We will then help you shift your offering around this. Enabling you to create and capture new demand. Once a product is launched or a strategy put into action, we measure and refine to maximise performance. We view digital assets as living objects – they should constantly grow and evolve.


David Weir
Director of Information Technologies, Australian Institute of Business

The team at More Space for Light ensured our large website project was delivered ahead of the deadline and on budget to achieve our objectives. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels.

They worked with a diverse range of stakeholders in our organisation and also helped us to identify opportunities and solve unforeseen problems along the way that helped to ensure the project’s success.

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Adapting your product vision to incorporate the needs of your audience isn’t easy. It takes guts. It sometimes needs fresh thinking. Pixel by pixel, or atom by atom, our Product Team is ready to help guide you through this process.  

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