A framework for validating ideas and solving big challenges

Design Sprints are a recipe for innovation. 

They are built for speed, focus and purpose. They force you to put your customer first so you can understand their needs, pains and gains. Then through a structured program focus your team’s efforts on the mutual goal of discovering a solution.

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Tangible outcomes

The results of the Design Sprint program can save an organisation months of research and development as well as costs associated with marketing and resources.

In a short space of time, you will break down company silos and gain validated customer feedback. This will reduce the risk of failure and wasted investment in project initiatives.

Based on the results that we have seen from our clients we are now running Design Sprint Bootcamps for organisations so they can gain the skills to independently run Design Sprints to embed them in their culture.

What you can expect?

We practice Design Sprint Academy’s Design Sprint 3.0.

This version of the program incorporates a Problem Framing session prior to the Design Sprint. The purpose of Problem Framing is to ensure we hit the ground running with the right challenge, right Sprint Team, and the right customer type before we start the program. These are the 3 key ingredients for a successful Design Sprint.

With the guidance of our Design Sprint Facilitator, we’ll work with your team to identify the long-term goal, potential blockers as well as how it impacts the company and your people. These insights will enable us to design and build a testable prototype. Then customer testing will provide insights on how to plan the next steps. Examples of how you put insights into action after a Design Sprint include:

  • An Iteration Sprint for further refinement and testing.
  • Incorporate into your business proposition for further funding.
  • MVP production.
  • User story prioritisation for Agile Teams.
More Space For Light - Services - Design Sprints

Our Design Sprints work for you

You may be looking to accelerate your internal research and development or product development process. Alternatively, we can work with you to plug them into your corporate incubator program. Our Design Sprint process can come in different forms and are built to suit. Select from one of the formats below.

Design Sprint 3.0

More Space is the exclusive APAC global partner of the Design Sprint Academy we use their 4-day framework to facilitate Design Sprints.

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Co-Design Sprint

We have re-engineered the Design Sprint so our Product Team can take the onus off of you without any compromise on the outcome.

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We brought More Space For Light in to help us facilitate a Design Sprint at HealthDirect. I was impressed with how well the team were able to grasp the problem we were trying to solve and guide an opinionated team that was quite new to Design Sprints toward a useful outcome.
– Raj Elakkara. Product Manager, Healthdirect Australia

Try before you commit.

We can come into your organisation to run an Intro to Design Sprint session. This is a 90 min hands-on practical session. 

Contact us today, so your team can experience the program firsthand to see how it can transform the way you work!

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