Our Approach

Our approach is to define the problem we are solving and why. From here we can understand how it better serves the needs of your audience and fulfils your business objectives.

More Space For Light process

Our approach is conducted in 4 stages – Discover, Define, Design, and Learn. Throughout we strive to champion your users and customers. Our customer-centric approach encourages you to learn from and listen to your audience to improve the performance of your activities.

We are able to come in at any point of your project – although your greatest benefit will come if we’re involved throughout.


The hardest part is the start. We seek to clearly identify the problem you are looking to solve and the impact it is having on your customers. We establish your objectives and KPIs, all the while being mindful of existing challenges, opportunities and capabilities.


We work together to define a strategic framework with actions set to outcomes based on your key value drivers, immediate to long term.

The strategy is built in collaboration with your team. It is your strategy. It has to respond to your objectives and customer requirements, and be achievable within your existing or future capabilities.


We can work with you by doing or by leading. If we lead, all associated complexities of the project are absorbed by More Space For Light.

Doing involves content strategy, setting up channels, user experience design and management, and project management as part of your team or independently.

Leading involves mobilising your team or using our own trusted partnerships for the production of deliverables.

LEARN (Measure & Optimise)

The product or service links through to the next phase. With our ongoing support we assess success by reviewing your user behaviour, e.g. conversion points and other indications of engagement. We learn what your customers and users are responding to, then define opportunities to leverage this success.

Then rinse, refine and repeat.

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