We’re committed to outcomes, not outputs

More Space programs are designed to extend your capabilities to tackle new and innovative market opportunities. As well as supercharge existing activities.

The results of which will enable you to make smarter decisions on where best to invest your energy to achieve your business objectives and importantly, meet the needs of your audience.

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Systematically manage innovation

More Space’s innovation process is designed to take the pressure off of your organisation. Our goal is to provide you more space to blend agile and innovative methodologies into your culture, while exploring new business opportunities for growth.

Whether you are part of a corporate innovation team; manage an accelerator program, a creative agency, a development house, or in an environment where silos prevent cross-pollination and collaboration. The people are in place; the appetite, the challenges or potential projects are ready to go. The gap we’ve found is a method to get started and a lack of rhythm or business agility to embed it into the working culture.

The Design Sprint program is the backbone of our process. Once we start delivering results and getting buy-in we help you integrate the process into your organisation. This can be through developing your internal capabilities through training, or to create your own program with a common toolset.

The program will result in the organisation being able to introduce Human-Centered Design principles at scale to quickly foster a culture of innovation.

More Space For Light - Innovation Method

Project based for a specific challenge, or area of focus

You may have a specific project you need help on. Our process can include an initial Design Sprint, or if you need support in Definition and Design phases our Product Team will create a product strategy then lead or work in collaboration with your team through the service experience, and design process.

Or you may need to bring a team together to gain alignment and/or deep-dive further into a plan or challenge such as new product development, repositioning an existing service due to changes in customer behaviour or meeting a digital transformation challenge. In this instance, we are able to design workshop programs to meet your needs then create action plans to accomplish objectives.

More Space For Light - Innovation Method

Built for purpose

For more on what we do, and how we can work together, visit our Services section.

Otherwise, if you are inspired to act, get in touch for an initial consult.

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