More Space methods are designed to blend Human-Centered Design and Lean ways of working into your culture

Whether you are responsible for Corporate Innovation, capability building, manage an accelerator, a product or service lead, or a creative agency, our goal is to empower your teams to do their best work to set the prerequisites for success.

Why More Space

Our superpower is our ability to quickly guide teams from problem definition to solution within a safe, collaborative and fun environment. We lead with empathy to learn, provide a guiding “light” to inspire, and the “space” for teams to explore.

How we work together

We work with clients in two modes; short-term project based or ongoing annual memberships. Both modes of work incorporate our core services of:

Membership programs

We find some organisations already have internal capabilities but need extra support running programs or training. Whereas others are at the start and need help, seeding, systemising, and scaling Human-Centered Design. Wherever you are in your journey we’ve created three packages to work for you:

  1. Innovation Accelerator – For teams that require consulting, coaching as well as the facilitation and design of custom innovation programs.
  2. Capability Builder – For teams that have in-house Innovation Teams but need support systemising and scaling transformation capabilities across the organisation.
  3. Strategic Support – For teams that require extra support with their internal capabilities to help lead and run in-house innovation and transformation programs. 

More Space membership packages offer you the ability to embed and scale across your organisation to build the cadence for co-creation, problem- solving and strategy. You also receive access to all of our custom methods and playbooks. Plus early access to our remote workshop templates as featured on MURAL Playmakers.

Get in touch to learn more about our modes of work

From the simple to the seemingly complex, we’re happy to chat about a partnership and how we can help you POWER-UP your next project or help you build the capabilities of your team.

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