Our workshop programs are designed for problem-solving, decision making and idea generation

This is achieved by creating a working environment where teams feel confident to challenge and collaborate for a better outcome. Implementation becomes less of a risk once you have stakeholder buy-in, a shared purpose, and established trust. The results of which will inspire unconstrained thinking to enhance your team’s creative capacity and lead to greater collaboration and alignment to tackle your most complex business problems.

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It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen

Systematically manage innovation.

Many organisations have the people in place, the appetite, and identified challenges or potential projects that are ready to go. The gap we’ve found is a method to get started and then a lack of rhythm or business agility to embed methods into the working culture.

We aren’t there to tell you how to run your business, only you can do that. Our superpower is our ability to quickly guide teams from problem definition to a solution within a safe, collaborative and fun environment. We bring our frameworks, insight, as well as extensive experience to allow you to challenge your thinking so you can explore and define new futures.

Our workshop programs include:

  • Strategic Diagnostics, to establish the existing landscape (company, category, consumer and channels), to define risks and opportunities.
  • Problem Framing, either used independently or as a precursor to the Design Sprint. With the intent of gaining stakeholder alignment and surfacing problems to frame them effectively for action.
  • Customer First workshops, to learn who your audience is, how and why they engage with your product or service to identify gaps and opportunities. 
  • Ideation and Brainstorming Sessions, to create a space for exploring ideas and design a future state.
  • Design Sprints, a program to solve big problems and test new ideas.
  • Hackathons, to rapidly create and pitch new ideas.
  • Off-sites, designed to bring teams together to regroup, reconnect and reflect on issues and topics related to culture, company strategy or customer experience.
More Space For Light - Services - Workshop

Facilitating remote

More Space For Light - remote workshops

Many organisations have distributed teams both nationally and globally. We’ve adapted our workshop programs to work for you and your team regardless of timezone. Our workshop programs serve as an unlock to help facilitate conversations that would have otherwise required the usual challenges related to logistics and travel.

If you are a bit stuck and need some advice on good practices on remote operations please get in touch at start@morespaceforlight.com.au.

What our clients say

Maria Crocker, Head of Product

In our experience, there are few consultants that hold such positivity for each day and bring the kind of outcomes-focused sessions that we experienced with More Space for Light. We absolutely loved the passion that the team brought to the task, their ability to encourage dialogue between stakeholders in a constructive and respectful way and ever-present curiosity to learn about our business and customer problems. Thank you, for your generosity of spirit, your can-do attitude and your unwavering ability to “get the job done”.

Greg Kennedy, Manager – Digital Transformation

As technology specialists in the banking industry, Data Action engaged with More Space for Light to provide design support on a significant redevelopment project. Their structured design workshop process allowed us to reimagine not only the new digital experience but also evaluate and consider the full journey, incorporating customer needs and business impacts.

Daniel Goldsworthy, Director ICT Services

The team’s mastery of a variety of Design Thinking processes, tools and techniques provided us with a solid framework to gather information about the challenges, wants and needs of our stakeholders. The feedback I received from staff attending the workshops were highly complementary as they could really see the value of this process. The output from sessions has provided us with not only with some key insights and assisted us with our longer-term strategic planning.

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Inspire, ideate and innovate. We believe new opportunities for innovation open up when you bring your people together and give them the opportunity to lead. Learn more about how More Space workshops can inspire you to succeed.

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